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5 Adorably Cute Gifts for Your Man-to-be


Weddings are special and it’s more than just a glamorous affair. It’s unifying of two souls, of starting a new life with some promises and faith. We all love getting pampered and loved which means our man-to-be requires some extra display of love. So, take the lead and show your man love with these adorably cute ideas to make him go absolutely WOW.
Wedstreetstyle team had dig out top 5 cute gifting ideas for you man-to-be which you can DIY.
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Create a Playlist

How about creating a playlist with all his favourite songs he loves (whether old or new). Add a voice note before it in your voice to make it extra special. You can even sing that song you always play together. Or say something you never said it in front of him. We are sure this will come as a shocking sweet surprise to him.
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Personalized Hankies

It may sound girly, but why not personalize his handkerchief with his name or maybe initials of both your names in the corner. It’s one of the most adorable ideas to gift him. You can even try add some more fun to it with different patterns.
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DIY Beer Glass

Take out your crafting tool and DIY the beer glass for him. Try experimenting with the designs like moustache and beard. He will love this little effort, of a personalized beer glass. You can even create the same with a set of two wine glasses. You can even get it customized from any online store.
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DIY Photo Album

Another cute way to surprise him is by gifting him a DIY photo album of pre-wedding shoot (remember, to add all candid pictures). Gift it on your wedding night, or just leave it in his wardrobe to let him find it with a special note.
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Dream Trip

Well, boys have a thing for their trips and outings. Why not gift your man tickets to his dream trip. Tell him that you are ready to experience all his fantasy and go on a destination he always wanted to go.
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