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5 Reasons Why A Chocolate Spa Is A Must Have For Every Bride To Be


You might be on an extensive diet regime and restricted your taste buds from chocolate, but that shouldn't stop you from pampering your skin with chocolate! Yes, soon to be brides, if you have indulged in a pre-bridal routine, we suggest you try the chocolate spa. We bet you will feel great inside out. Before we start with the zillions of goodness about chocolate, the one thing which we love about it is the feel good factor. And as a bride to be, the feel good factor is highly required. Chocolate is rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins, manganese, copper, calcium, iron, zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E whoa and much more. All these nutrients, compounds, and vitamins will just take your skin to a whole new level. Check out how it works on your skin and even hair!

1. Satin, soft skin:
Smooth skin is every bride's dream, so turn your dream into reality with chocolate spa. Chocolate is rich in vitamins and minerals that seep into your skin and makes it super soft and supple. If you want to try at home, then massage your body with cocoa powder and almond oil. Do this weekly, twice and feel beautiful.

2. Youthful skin:
Chocolate is rich in flavonoids that will protect your body from UVA rays, repair the damaged skin, firms up the skin and keeps aging at bay. Also as it has polyphenols it will even help in fading fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Stress buster:
With plenty of things in mind, every bride-to-be gradually evolves into Bridezilla, so to keep your nerves calm we definitely suggest a chocolate spa. It has active serotonin that will enhance your mood and keep your stress under control. Chocolate has a therapeutic effect that will zero the stress and keep you happy.

4. Nourishing and glowing skin:

Chocolate is a natural detoxifier that will remove the toxins from your skin as well as act as exfoliating agent. It won't just remove the dead skin cells, but even stimulate blood circulation that will gradually bring a glow on your skin (much needed for a bride).

5. Glossy, smooth hair:
Along with gorgeous skin, chocolate can take your hair to a new level. Chocolate has minerals like copper, iron, antioxidants, that can tame frizzy hair, boost hair growth and get natural shiny hair. You can make a hair mask using cocoa powder and honey. Rinse and get smooth tresses worth drooling of.

Along with chocolate spa, you can even indulge in a nourishing chocolate bath which will enhance your complete body. If you have indulged in the chocolate spa then share your views below.

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