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7 Times You Are Holding Yourself Back & Here's Why You Shouldn't!


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Life is not all rosy all the time. And in our society we are always worried more about what other's would think. But we tend to forget that no matter what you’d like to believe, the only person whose opinion should matter the most in your life should be YOURS.  Of course we may seek advice from our parents, friends, teachers and loved ones , but ultimately what advice we follow depends entirely on what we believe about ourselves. We know our capabilities and it's us who can push ourselves and this is greatly influenced by what we think of our own self.  The world is full of self proclaimed critics and people who would constantly pull us down . So we don't need to be too harsh on ourselves. These negative self-beliefs can hold us back from fulfilling our full potential. Don't listen to these negative sounds from within :

#1 I am not Smart Enough
If you keep telling yourself this, you will not give yourself the opportunity to test your full potential.

#2 I’m boring and dull
Everyone is unique, and just because you can’t crack a joke that will make everyone laugh, it doesn’t make you boring!

#3 I can’t
When you start believing that you can't then you can never achieve anything in life, you will be surprised to know what all you can do. Give yourself a chance!

#4 I don’t deserve this
Heard the saying, “You accept the love you think you deserve?” It holds true for everything. You get the job, the pay cheque, the life that you deserve. So, cut yourself some slack!

#5 I wish I had more money
Yes, better finances can make life easier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best with the means you have. No one is equal, when feeling down read about kids of auto drivers clearing IIT.

#6 I wish I was like her 
No one is perfect and neither are you! Every person has their own shortcomings and set of insecurities.

#7 I am not attractive enough
For who? The only person whose opinion matters here is the person looking back at you from the mirror. Beauty is skin deep, you should always aim to be a beautiful human being and that shows on your personality. 

Remember we are not born in this world to please everyone and if you are happy and contented, you will automatically seem more confident and everyone would want to look up to you.

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