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Abhay Deol Opens Up On His Break Up With Preeti Desai Like Never Before!


After dating each other for several years Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai call it quits. The couple was also seen in the movie One By Two together. Now Abhay is all set to made his comeback with Happy Bhaag Jayegi and recently in an interview with Mumbai Mirror he opened up on his break up with Preeti. He said:
"We all change on a daily basis. When something cataclysmic happens, you change more drastically than you expect. When I went to the US after the failure of my last film, on some level it was an escape. People deal with situations differently, I chose to deal with it my way by travelling, healing, rejuvenating and then repeating it all over again…

The desire to protect your relationship when you are open to public scrutiny is natural. There is too much guessing, speculations et al happening. In such a scenario, it gets more difficult to let go (for both you and your partner). Dating issues for normal couples are a lot more generic. In our world, it is harder to hold on to relationships. I usually avoid speaking about my personal life but in the case of my last relationship (with Preeti Desai), it was difficult to keep it under wraps. She, too, was an actor. We were doing a film together. If I could, I would’ve happily lied and said I am single. I don’t feel the reason to tell the truth. If I were dating someone who is completely averse to the limelight, I would’ve gone a step ahead and protected her. Though in all likelihood, I would’ve never met someone like that; they would’ve run away long before hitting the relationship stage (laughs). But being questioned about my personal life is not something alien to me. Even as a kid, classmates asked pointed personal questions about my family. I have conditioned myself to handle it with maturity. A lot was written about my break-up, a lot of it was bitter but I don’t get affected by it. In an environment where people believe any publicity is good publicity, you realise there is no point getting affected by things as long as it doesn’t come between your relationship or work." 

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