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Arranged Marriage? 5 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea


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Marriages are made in heaven, and we meet our better half only when the time is right. So, don’t get disappointed if yours is not a love story, because eventually it will end with one. Going the old school way and marrying someone of your parents’ choice is a beautiful idea (because they know what is best for you). The whole arranged marriage process is very innovative and thoughtful, every day you take a step up to know this man and end up falling in love with him. If you are still having doubts and gets confused whether you should say yes or no, we are here to tell you about the perks and reason why you should go for an arranged marriage.

Reason #1: Not just the Husband the whole family will fall in love with you

In India, marriages are doesn’t consist of two people rather it consists of the whole family. Which means the whole family falls in love with you at the first sight. You will become your soon-to-be-families favourite first. You will get all the love from your husband and his whole family (Yay). And with all these pampering gives you your happily ever after.
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Reason #2: Every day you will get to know a new side of your man

Though love marriages, have its own perks and plus points, but you already know everything about your man from his likes to dislikes. However, in arranged marriages things are different every day; you get to unfold a new side of this person. One day he will stun you with his amazing cooking skills and the other day he will calm you when you will be missing your family. There is no chance of getting bored.
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Reason #3: You will fall in love with every passing day

Since, arranged marriages are this very thoughtful, organized process of getting two people together with the perspective of making them fall in love. Every day you both will take a step forward to fall in love. Those initial hand holding days which gives you jitters, the first kiss in the rain and the very first fight which will end with just a smile and a kiss on forehead. Well, who says arranged marriages are boring. They have their own beautiful story to share. Just give it a chance.
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Reason #4: You will learn the beautiful art of balancing things

Not many of us know how to manages things, how to build the necessary amount of balance in our life. And sometimes we get scared at the thought of going for an arranged marriage. But the best part about this whole arranged marriage concept is that you learn the art of balancing things with your man. You will mutually find ways to deal with the problems. It will make your love more strong with every passing day.
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Reason #5: Your family will turn out to be great support system

Sometimes, things take an ugly turn after all life is no bed of roses. And at that time you need someone to tell you that “No matter what happens, they are there, you will get through it all.” If any there is any tiff your family will together help you get through it. After all that’s what families are for.
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So, Dear brides-to-be don't worry go on and say yes to the man of your life (no matter it's of your choice or your parents).
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