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#BridalGuide: How To Choose Lehenga According To Your Skin Tone


We know you must be spending hours and hours on researching for one outfit that makes every jaw drop and eyes pop. Sometimes are family and friends start thinking that we are turning into a Bridezilla, but NO, that’s not true! Taking time and researching is really important before you go searching the shops for your bridal dress. You need to decide whether you want to stay in traditional lane and opt for a basic red, or try out something different.

However, one mistake we all make, while selecting the colours for our wedding outfit is that we go all blind and shop for it without giving a second thought. We forget that one thing that looks good on someone else won’t necessarily suit us. So, here comes the wedding blunder. Before we jump and select the latest trend, we need to understand the colour palate. The colours can enhance your whole complexion and sometimes it can spoil it. Wedstreetstyle team had curated a complete colour guide keeping the Indian skin tone in mind especially for you. Read on and find out what suits you best.

Cool or Warm! (What Am I?)
Relax, and don’t panic. Before going in all the details, you need to understand your colour tone. We are all different and so is our skin. Hence, one of the easy ways to know your skin tone is to look closely at the veins of your wrist. If they appear more green then blue – you have a warm skin tone. But, if they appear more blue then you have cool skin tone. Simple!

However, if for some reason you aren’t able to distinguish then take two pieces of clothes one in silver and the other one in gold. Analyze which looks good on you, because one of them will instantly brighten up your face. If it’s silver then you have cool skin tone, but if it’s golden then you have warm skintone.

Cool Pale Skin tone
If you are a bride with a cool pale skin tone like gorgeous Kareena Kapoor then you are the lucky one, because you have all the colour options to select from. Every colour looks good on you.

Wedstreetstyle Colour Advice
·         Go for Bright Pastel Colours
·         Colours like raspberry pink, bright blues and hues of pink will suit you better
·         Colours like emerald green, wine & midnight blue will make you look drop dead gorgeous
·         Avoid tangerine orange, tomato red and almonds or beige as it won’t look  good on you

Warm Wheetish Skin tone

Brides who are blessed with warm wheetish skin tone should opt for colours that bring out the warmth on their face and make them glow with the colour.

Wedstreestyle Colour Advice
·         Choose fire shades like orange, yellow and red, even hot pinks will make you look beautiful
·         Colours like corals, red, saffron yellow, peach and hot pinks will bring out the warmth
·        Opt for royal blue, dusty pink and emerald green
·         Don’t go for neutral colours like beige, greys and gold as it will make you look dull in pictures
·      Do not opt for dark colours like midnight blue and dark greens as it will make you look darker spoiling your whole attire.

Dark, Dusky Skine Tone (Olive)
Well, here come the sexy ladies. Brides with dusky skin tones like Bipasha Basu are born sexy; you can steal the limelight with the right choice of colours.

Wedstreestyle Colour Advice
·         Pick colours with warm shades like dusty pink, pastels, emerald green
·         You can even opt for burnt orange or corals colours to stand out in the crowd
·         Warm pastel colours will look beautiful on you and will enhance your skin.
·         At any cost avoid red and whites it will make you look darker
·         Avoid neon colour outfits as it doesn’t go well. Avoid darker colours as it won’t look best on you

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Happy Wedding! 

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