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#BrideGuide: Marrying Into A Joint Family? 5 Problems and Solutions!


Marriages are a turning point in each one of our lives, the journey from Miss to Mrs is quite a bumpy ride. The name might change within a day, but settling the thought takes time. And if you are the lucky one to marry in a joint family then you need some gyan before you start your happily ever after (if there is any!)

Settling in a joint family is not at all easy and that too when you come from a nuclear one. No, no we aren’t scaring you, but once the honeymoon period ends, the reality strikes in and with that comes the entire problem. So, #Wedstreestyle team had listed out 5 common problems and their solutions for all the brides-to-be.

#1 The ‘New’ You
Well, no matter how you have lived your life once you opened your eyes, after marrying into a joint family, they expect you to change that too within a day. You need to live with your in-laws, sister-in-laws and all the chacha’s and chachi’s and adapt to their ways (which we know is not easy).

Wedstreetstyle Tip: Getting use to a new life and new environment needs lots and lots of patience, do not lose your calm. Try and adapt to these changes and something which bothers you just leave it there and don’t make a fuss.

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#2 Adjustments! Adjustments! Adjustments!
If you are one of the most pampered little kid at your home back, and you relied on your mom for everything. Then believe us it’s not going to be a bed of roses for you. There will be lot of expectations and adjustments demanded from you.

Wedstreetstyle Tip: Your new family will expect changes and adjustments from you, rather being too stubborn about it. Do it for your growth and self-happiness, and if there are something that you can’t change then let it be there and talk out to your in-laws.

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#3 Give some respect!
Ok, we know there will be time, when things will be out of your hand, when your so-called new family won’t understand, when the person you took vows with is against you. In such situations of extremes, do not lose yourself. You need to show some respect to avoid any conflicts.

Wedstreetstyle Tip: We are all humans, and not perfect. It’s ok if we do or say something that’s wrong, but on this basis you should not defame someone. Give them respect they need, also, remember not to take ill-words from anyone, tell them what you feel politely.

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#4 The Ego Clash
Yup, it happens a lot. And the problem arises when it gets clashed with the elders, it becomes tough to handle. But you need to sort out things before it gets out of hand and you are labelled as the rebel.

Wedstreetstyle Tip: Ignore the negative and take in the positive vibes. If any such situation arises and accidently there is a slip of tongue from your side, apologise right away (believe me, it won’t make any difference). Try to keep your ego aside and start  gelling into the family.

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#5 Wardrobe issues
If you are one of those care-free bride, who thought of wearing maxis and short dresses after marriage and by any chance your in-laws don’t support it. It’s going to be a big problem, which will affect you as an individual. You might have to change your entire wardrobe from western to traditional. 

Wedstreetstyle Tip: Remember to clear this issue, before you say ‘Yes’. Because once you are married you have no choice then to accept what they like. You need to get clear with your fiancĂ© that what you like and what you don’t. After all compromises happen from both the side and who knows you gets the best of both worlds. :) 

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