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Brides: Here Are 5 Makeup Mistake You Should Avoid On Your Wedding Day!


Makeup is like a magical wand for all the brides-to-be, it’s like a saviour for them. Though, if not rightly chosen makeup can really spoil the whole look, you need to understand what too much is really. Today most of the brides-to-be know what they want on the wedding day, but there are some who make big makeup blunders that too on their wedding day, which results in regrets, regrets and regrets.

The #Wedstreetstyle team brings to you 5 makeup mistakes you should definitely avoid on your big day.

#1 Book your Makeup Artist in ADVANCE!
Remember to book your makeup artist, once the dates are fixed. Start enquiring and calling out because some makeup artist gets booked months before, so do not delay it. Or else you will have to compromise on another one. Also, make sure you don’t choose any makeup artist just because your cousin had gone to, start seeing their work and think wisely before you select.

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#2 Do not Skip makeup trials
Do not skip your makeup trials, no matter how professional your makeup artist is. You need to discuss your wedding look with your makeup expert in advance. Tell them what you want and what you don’t want on your wedding day. Most of the brides skip makeup trials, which results in big blunders.

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#3 Visit a Dermatologist for Skincare Problems
One of the biggest mistake bride-to-be’s make is listening to any random advice they get. And not actually visiting a makeup artist or a dermatologist before going for any treatment. We know you want to look your best on your big day, but listening and following anyone’s advice blindly will only result in bad experience. You need to understand you skin and for that you must visit a dermatologist for any skincare problem.

#4 Do not try any new facial or products, 2 weeks before the wedding
You have to believe us, never ever try a new facial or any product your friend advised, 2 weeks before the wedding. It will turn into a big disaster, treatments like bleaching, hair removals, facials and clean ups can result into a serious allergy. And who wants that on their wedding day. If you want to try something, start your treatment at least 3 months before your wedding day.

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#5 Waxing a day before
Oops, waxing a day before is never advisable by any expert. Go for your regular waxing at least 3-4 days before the wedding to avoid marks or rashes. Also, if you haven’t waxed earlier and thinking of doing it before your wedding, drop the idea right away. It will react to your skin and the result will be itchiness and redness on the wedding day.

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#6 Stick to one Makeup artist
Do not choose, different makeup artist for different ceremonies. Most of the brides opt for different makeup artist for their engagement and keep the best for the wedding, they don’t realise that sticking to one will help them get the best for the wedding. Also, the makeup artist will know what will suit you better and what will not.

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#7 Forgetting the touch-up kit
Your makeup artist is not going to stick around you for the whole wedding day, so you need to look your best and so for this do ask you an emergency touch up kit.

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Incase you have any questions then feel free to write to the #WedStreetStyle team on Facebook or Instagram!

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