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Brides! Here are 7 MUST Have Poses You Need In Your Wedding Album


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No matter, how camera shy you are, remember that this day is not going to come again. And you need to get all the details captured in the camera for your daughter to learn and son to appreciate.  So, before instructing your photographer not to ask you to pose, tell him to get the best of the candid shots possible, to make this day stay in everyone’s memory for years. And before the wedding start, throw away your shyness and go get clicked in these top 7 must have poses. You will remember it all.

#1 Getting Ready Shot

Once you hit the stage, there won’t be any coming back. So, before it, do capture the entire getting ready shot, your mom crying in the corner seeing her little baby all grown up, your sister teasing you while you wear dupatta on your head. Ask your photographer to capture the process, so that you remember it all – the anticipation, the nervousness, and the journey of being someone’s Mrs.

#2 The necessary Twirl

Remember at the age of seven you forced your mom to get a lehenga choli for you. And once you wore that you ran in the entire house twirling and twisting, showing off that little lehenga choli in style. Do that again, no obviously not the running around part, but you should have necessary lehenga twirl shot. It will be a nice memory to re-live for your family.

A photo posted by WedWise (@wedwise) on

A photo posted by WedWise (@wedwise) on

#3 The Silhouette

Do not skip this one. It looks so amazing seeing all the silhouette shots; they show the inner love, happiness and romance. Hence, it will make your album, one of a fairy tale story for you to  cherish for life. Do get one with your love!

#4 One Stolen moment with your love

Yup, it’s not one of those cheesy shot. Rather it’s a special shot that shows the newness of your relationship, the shyness and nervousness. Go for one where you steal the glances or a simple hand holding in midst of all the chaos. 

#5 Entire Family Shot

This one is classic and a must to have. Call your whole family into one shot. And it will turn out to be the best with your mom-dad, in-laws and everyone in one frame. 

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#6 Sister Shots

You need to get one all sisters shot or else you are dead like really – the little ones will find every moment to tease you after that. Plus, they also need some love, after all they were with you the entire time.

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#7 The little details

Do not forget to show off those little details like your jewellery or payal or your beautiful mehendi design. Take proud and show it off in style.

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