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Brides! Here Are The Tips & Tricks To Make Your Mehendi Darker


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We all have heard of this saying once in our life – the darker the mehendi, the more love will come on our way including the man and the mom-in-law as well (Yippie!). And so to make it darker we try everything possible from Grandma’s nusskha to our cousin’s advice (no matter how lame it sounds). From brides to the bridesmaids, everyone dreams of a dark, beautiful mehendi to flaunt on their wedding. So, the Wedstreetstyle team had done its homework and are ready with all the tips to make sure your mehendi becomes darkest of all and long lasts.

Go For A Natural Mehendi!

Have you ever got mehendi from the mehendi artist who claims that their mehendi gives rich dark black colour; well the truth is these days, almost all the mehendi artists are mixing chemicals in their mehendi. Sometimes, these chemical mix mehendi can leave a serious reaction to your hands with the constant burning sensation. So, always try and apply a natural mehendi without any chemicals that’s been procured by you at home. Also, if you get itchy while applying mehendi on your arms and hands, do not take it lightly.

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Do’s! Before applying Mehendi

·        Eat something before you apply the mehendi, because you are have to sit there for very long hours and believe us it’s going to be tiring.
·      Mix your mehendi at home or ask your Mehende Artist to get it done for you. Also, make sure your mehendi is a good quality one so that you get the best results.
·   Wash your hands and legs with soap before applying the mehendi and dry them properly. Remember not to apply any cream or oil as it will act as a barrier to get your mehendi onto the skin.
·       You can even use astringent on your hands so that mehendi gets on your hand leading into better absorption.
·        Remember to get your hands waxed a week before your mehendi day.  If you have waxed a day or two before it will lead to less absorption of the mehendi.
·       Also, remember to go for the washroom before you start, as it won’t interrupt the mehendi strokes.
·        Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable place with less chaos.
·     Go for dark mehendi strokes as it will result into a dark mehendi, a mehendi design with fine strokes looks amazing, but it doesn’t make your mehendi dark.

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·        Don’t wax or shave your hands after applying the mehendi, the chemical used in it will make the mehendi erased faster.
·         Do not take many short breaks before applying the mehendi, it will disturb the flow.
·         Make sure you are not sitting in the sun while the mehendi is being applied. Our dadi’s and nani’s had always told us to apply the mehendi at night. It had it’s reason.
·      Remember to make it a point not to dry your mehendi with a hair dryer before time. Let it dry naturally.

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Tips & Tricks for the dark Mehendi

·         The decade old nusskha, tried and tested by many – Nimbu Chini Ghol. It actually makes your mehendi darker, remember to apply it before you sleep and cover your hand with plastic gloves, so that you don’t feel the chipchip.
·         Apply your mehendi atleast 24-48 hours before your wedding, to get the best results.
·         Another tip from our Dadi’s treasure box is to give your mehendi clove steam. It will lead to a dark rich blach mehendi.
·         Once your mehendi has been dried out completely, apply any balm or Vicks even the spray works on it.
·         Cover your hands with a towel or bandage before you doze off.
·         Avoid washing your hands often, after the mehendi.
·         Wash your head from salon so that your mehendi doesn’t gets lighter.

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