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With wedding countdown happening for real and so many preparations on the card, I am making sure that I leave no stone unturned when it comes to having eye for details! My trousseau planning has lead me to discover so many amazing brands that I truly feel blessed for this transition that is due to take place. Ever since my friends received the news of me getting hitched, there have been endless discussions on fashion, beauty, wedding looks, dance practices and most importantly, wedding gifts! Speaking of wedding gifts, I am all set to create a wedding wish list for my friends on the Gift Zenie platform. Discovering this gift registry portal has not only made it easy for my friends to buy me gifts but is also letting me call the shots by letting them know what I REALLY want!

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Gift Zenie is such an interesting gifting platform where one can build their very own registry. Once you log in the website, you can sign up to start hosting a registry and that’s where the magic begins. You get to decide for you want and talk about it among your friends who then will join as a guest and select what they want to gift you from your curation! I love this concept for it discards the indecisiveness, budget problems that are associated with usual gifting. The bonus is that Gift Zenie will also create gift suggestions to help your registry along. 

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#1 I love the wide variety of products Gift Zenie houses in terms of home, d├ęcor, furnishings, beauty, jewellery. There are multiple categories and even more no. of new and exciting brands under each of these categories. 

#2 You can DIY your gift wish list and at the same time invite friends, family to buy these gifts for you through simple ways such as importing your contacts from your Facebook account, e-mail contacts, or adding names in an easy-to-fill form.

#3 Use their personalized invitations to announce your special occasion like wedding, baby shower, 25th Birthday (in my case) or travel and inform guests of your registry. You can even share details on event planning through these invites ;)

#4 The guest or friend can recommend a gift to you to be a part of the gift buying and registry making process. So that also gives one a clear idea of budget and taste of your friends, isn’t it?

#5 Last bit is my personal favourite for Gift Zenie doesn’t just offer you products but services and experiences as well. Your friends (together can pool in) and gift you a honeymoon in Prague or a ski trip to Gulmarg!

The website is easy to navigate and you will be enticed to either create a registry or buy a gift for someone you love. Check it out here and also, stay tuned as I reveal my wedding wish list in the next post with you all. 

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