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Eat These 5 Foods In Your Breakfast For A Natural Glowing Skin!


Every girl dreams to get a natural glow that her highlighter gives her. Glowing skin is a result of healthy eating habits, because what you eat reflects on your face and if you want a glow then you must eat healthily. Sounds boring, but that is the only way to achieve your dreamy dewy skin. So girls, if you are someone who wants a natural glowing skin, then we suggest you to start munching on the listed foods in your breakfast. You would be surprised to see the results when your friends would start asking you the reason behind the dewy skin. 

1. Spinach carrot smoothie:
This smoothie can be prepared in less than 5 minutes and it will just make your skin beautiful. Spinach is rich in Vitamin B, antioxidants whereas carrots are the powerhouse of Vitamin A, beta carotene that does magic to your skin. Drink this regularly and stay beautiful. If you get bored of this smoothie, then you can shift to green apple- strawberry smoothie. 

2. Fruit and nut yogurt:
During your rush hours, you can definitely count on this quick breakfast. Chop strawberries, grapes and add them to fresh yogurt. Sprinkle some almonds, walnuts and you are good to go. The fruits are rich in Vitamin C which is responsible for the glow in your face and omega 3 fatty acids of walnuts will rejuvenate your skin. Eat this regularly and welcome glowy skin. 

3. Apple walnut pancakes:
Nothing can be appetizing and savoring than the healthy pancakes. Instead of using refined flour, you can make it healthy with wheat flour (atta) and cut the sugar and add fruits like apple, banana that will bring a yummy flavor to the pancakes. Walnuts are filled with healthy fats that will keep your skin young and supple. Also, pancakes will keep you full for a longer duration, reducing the unnecessary binge eating. 

4. Cinnamon oatmeal:
You definitely know the goodness of oatmeal, it is probably the best breakfast for those who are looking for weight loss and glowing skin. Enhance the recipe by adding cinnamon, which detoxifies your body, slows the signs of aging and even appeals your taste buds. If you wish, you can even add walnuts, fruits which will boost your complexion. 

5. No mayonnaise salad:
We know it is difficult to eat a salad without your favorite mayo, but if you want to stay fit and fabulous then binge on kale, brussels, tomato, tofu, fish, pomegranate salad. Kale is high in Vitamin K, antioxidants that will keep your skin dewy and younger, whereas lycopene in tomatoes will enhance the glow in your face. The other ingredients such as tofu (weight checker), fish (omega 3 fatty acids) and pomegranate (Vitamin C) will bring a stunning glow to your skin. 

Folks, eat healthy and welcome glowy skin and fit body. Apart from these foods, you can even drink green tea, lemon infused water that will flush the toxins and keep your skin beautiful. Which of these is your go-to breakfast? Share with us in the comments below. 

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