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"I Have Not Even Said That I Have Broken Up" Ranbir Talks About His Break Up With Katrina!


When Ranbir and Katrina broke up all fans were so sad. Everyone was shocked when they called it quits. However, the couple never spoke about their break up in length but now Ranbir opened up on his break up with Katrina like never before. He said:
"Whatever I said, it is misconstrued. My personal life is dear to me and my relationship with Katrina, it is or was very special. After my parents, Katrina is the most inspirtation entity in my live. I hold her very dear. There is nothing more to talk about it." 
He also added,"I cannot sit and explain my heart or my feelings. When my relationship is concerned, it was punctured by a lot of things- baseless rumours, reports, point of views, perceptions, etc. It hurt but I don't want to talk about." 

He also said,"Like I said, I have not even said that I have broken up. Because, I don't find the need to say that. It is too dear to me and I don't want to talk about it." 
On working with Katrina in Jagga Jasoos,"Katrina and I still share a great creative partnership, she makes it great on the sets.  Working with her has always been fun. The kind of work ethics she has, I have never seen that in anyone. I hope I continue working with her."

He was also asked about whether he can do rmantic roles with Katrina like he did with Deepika. He said,"Absolutely. We are actors. We are not here to bring our personal lives on screen. However hard it is, that is our job. Katrina makes it easy. It is not awkward. She just brings her A game to the sets and I in return bring mine." 

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