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Inspiration: Bird Themed Décor Ideas for Vintage Wedding


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Are you one of those nature lovers? Have you always loved Disney Princess Cinderella wedding where birds came to bestow their love? Or, if you have always found those little flying creatures adorable, then this is your gateway to paradise. No matter how dreamy or unreal it sounds, but spicing up your wedding décor with birds can be real fun (obviously not the real one).
Indians wedding always included birds in it, whether it’s a peacock in bridal mehendi or doves in the décor. The Wedstreetstyle team had found out some adorably cute ideas to look upon before you finalize your wedding décor (and we are sure you will love the idea).

Bird Cage Décor

One of the most popular trends that are trending HOT this wedding season is Bird Cage décor. You can use these simple coloured cages as a lantern on your wedding or just as a centrepiece to attract the guests. Want more, then why not add cute flowers in them and hang it up, create a place for your guests to have fun.
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Paper Bird Origami

We had already told you the amazing trend of using paper in your wedding décor. Well, if you love birds and want to include them in your wedding then go for paper birds. See how cute they are (Plus point you can DIY it). Isn’t it sounds fun? You can create a beautiful bird chandelier with it. 

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Bird Miniature

Why not stun your guests with these cute little bird pieces on the dinnerware. Ahh, we are sure your guests will love this unique idea.
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Big Bird Centerpiece 

Is there any better way to welcome your guests at the entrance. Yes, a big peacock flower decor at the center. It's so WOW.
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Chair Decor

This beautiful signs deserves to be a part of our weddings. Isn't it adorable. Set up chairs with love birds sign.
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Bird Candy bath

Uhmm, you just can't ignore this one. Birds and candies together. Yay!
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