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It's 2016, Still Jimmy Shergill Doesn't Get A Girl Ever in Bollywood!


Jimmy Shergill is one of the good actor we have ever seen in Bollywood. He has been in innumerable blockbuster hits but almost always playing the second fiddle. But in all these movies have you ever noticed that he always ends sacrificing his love for the main lead. His latest movie Happy Bhaag Jayegi hit the theatres and again he loses the girl to a much younger Ali Fazal. But why he doesn’t ever get the girl in any of his films? 
He got perfect features, perfect smile. In his debut movie also he hasn’t got the girl. Take A Look:


 He was shot down by police.


People only focus on Irrfan Khan’s performance.

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai: 

Loses the girl to Uday Chopra. But Why?

Munnabhai MBBS:

He was dying of cancer so just wanted to settle for a lap dance at the hospital.

Tanu Weds Manu(Both The Parts): 

In the entire movie, his dialogues was best. But again no girl.

Hum Tum: 

Again sacrificed his love to Saif Ali Khan.

Bullet Raja:

Dies while saving friend's girlfriend.

Bollywood, please take note, this man also deserves a film where he has a happy ending. Isn't it?

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