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#KundliGuide: Know All About Being Born A Manglik & Myths Surrounding It!


No matter how modern we become, one term that always takes us back is “Manglik”. People get scared knowing that their daughter or son is Manglik. They say and we believe all the myths associated with it. But there hasn’t been any scientific research that proves this Hindu Myth of being born a Manglik true.

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Ok! Maybe it’s too much for you; maybe some of you don’t even know what we are talking about or maybe some of you will be struggling to convince their parents to let you marry the guy with mangal dosh. Though at #Wedstreetstyle, we strongly disapproves and discourage any myth associated with born a manglik. But today, especially for all the confused souls we have researched on the whole Manglik thing. So, read on and know what exactly a Manglik is and bust the myth with us.

Manglik Nahiiii! Wait what exactly it is?
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For all those confused souls who know nothing about the famous Mangal dosh, we are here to guide you about it. According to Hindu Shastra, a person is said to be Manglik when his or her kundli (the little book or card which has all the record of the planetary position at the time when we were born) has Mars placed either in 1, 4, 7, 8, or 12 house.
People born under this planetary position are considered to bring bad luck. In other words, if you are a Manglik your relationship will suffer (but who knows what the truth is). So, to avoid bad luck or problems in your marriage, the remedy is to get two Mangliks marry each other, problem solved.  

Everything you need to know about being a Manglik!
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People who are born with Manglik dosh are considered to bring bad luck. Many parents have changed their daughter’s date to hide the fact that they are manglik. It’s such a serious issue that so called Panditji’s scare the parents and tries to take the money out. Mars is said to be a planet of ego, self-esteem and temperament. In short it is not good if found in any person as it can lead to disputes and problems.

Myths! Myths! Myths!
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1. A Manglik has to marry a manglik or else the spouse dies!
This is one of the biggest myth associated with the Mangliks, this belief has destroyed many potential lovers life. Nothing like this ever happens. One of my cousins had married a Manglik girl, and they have one of the most successful marriages full of love and a cute little daughter

2. Tuesday born is always Manglik
Wrong, wrong and wrong! That’s not true, people often misguides that if you are born on Tuesday, then you are surely a Manglik. According to our Hindu astrology this is not true.

3. Marry a tree and everything will be ok
It’s one of the best remedy and every other priest will tell you to marry a tree before you set to marry your husband, because the whole problem happens in the first marriage. Even the famous Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai had to marry a tree before Abhishek.

4. If a Manglik tied knot with a non Manglik the marriage will end in divorce
Another false story that is associated with it is that if a Manglik marries a non manglik, their marriage will end in divorce. However, this is not true because if your marriage doesn’t want to last it will not being a manglik or not has nothing to do with it.

Team #Wedstreestyle's Take on it!
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As we earlier said, we don’t encourage any such belief, if your marriage doesn’t have to last being a manglik or not, it won’t help. We get scared of it so much, that we do every possible thing and believe every word said by panditji to make the manglik effect go. It’s nothing but a way of them to earn money. 

Think wisely before you fall in any such traps. If you love someone and the kundli things comes in, we advise you to think maturely, if your love is true, your marriage will last! Stars and Planetary positions are a way to make our life better and not to seclude someone based on it.

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