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#WeddingBytes: 3 Couple Lessons To Learn From Radha-Krishna’s Love Story


Radha Krishna are two names that always co-exist like taking breath. You can’t remember one without remembering the other. Their story has endless love and sacrifice for each other. No matter how apart they were, but always together at heart. Their story teaches us all about true form of love.
There are lot of lessons we can learn from these two lovers. Their love was eternal and never changed because of any misunderstanding. So, for all the young couple who are about to take their next step in life, here are 3 love lessons to learn from Radha-Krishna’s love story.

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Trust & Devotion
Radha Krishna are known for their trust for each other. They always believed in their significant other. If you love your partner show devotion in your action, show them your love because while showing only the love increases. It is said that whenever Krishna used to play his flute, Radha would get so taken by his love that she used to dance around him on the tone of his flute. Though, there is another fact that shows Radha was jealous of Krishna’s flute but still she would dance around him when he used to play.

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True Love
The eternal Radha-Krishna story tells us the real meaning of love. It is believed that when Lord Krishna got really sick, and the only remedy that could save him was to drink water from the feet of her lover. Every Gopi who claimed their love for Krishna denied it; even Krishna’s wife Rukmani wasn’t ready. But only Radha came forward to save the life of Krishna, she didn’t even care for the aftereffects. You need to have real love in order to help understand each other. Make them your strength and trust them.

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The Sacrifice
When Krishna had to leave Vrindavan, he knew their will be no coming back; he is going to leave everthing from his childhood to his love behind. But Radha never stopped him on following his duty, she knew they are always together and being together in physical form doesn’t matter as much being together on spiritual front. Here, we are not telling you to sacrifice your love but rather have so much devotion that to love without any demands. Stop falling in instant love and being selfish, learn the art of giving and understanding. 

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