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"When I Was Cheated On, Instead Of Going Away, I Went Back To Him" Says Ileana D'Cruz!


Ileana D'Cruz is one honest actress and with the success of Rustom she is on cloud nine. In Rustom she played a character who cheats on her husband with another man. In a candid chat with HT she was asked about what what she really thought about cheating when it comes to relationships. On this she said,"A friend of mine told me that infidelity is not just physical. It can also occur in thought. To an extent, I agree with her. Your thoughts could lead to actions. A long time ago, my father had told me, ‘You are never going to find a man who will always be faithful.’ I don’t know if I completely believe him. All I know is that I am realistic when it comes to time, age and having your heart broken.” 

She also added,"When I was cheated on, instead of going away, I went back to him (her ex-boyfriend). I told him that we should start afresh. I can’t give anyone advice, but it all depends on how you feel about that person. It’s in our nature to cheat." 

Ileana is currently dating Australian photographer Andrew Kneebone.

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