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4 Contact Lenses Hacks That Every Girl Should Know!


Contact Lens are big boon to us girls with specs  they help us go around without carrying the load of specs, and make us party ready  in an instant. So,we girls should know how to take care of our lenses. Today, we give you super easy hacks of how to take care of them.

#1 Never ever use water on them be it something as simple as washing your face do it either after or before you wear them. It lowers their quality and makes them hard.

#2 Do Not sleep with your lenses on regardless of how lazy you are feeling. It cuts off the oxygen from eyes .

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#3 Do not re-use your eye contact solution more than once otherwise it will get dirt in your eyes.

#4 Always use lenses for prescribed time if the box says they are expired just listen to It and don’t play your own doctor.

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