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7 Things Every Mom Wants To Tell Her Daughter Before She Gets Married!


Remember how our mom used to guide us at every step of our life, from first day of school to bursting the bubble of periods. She was there at every guiding point, but then we grew up and we took her less seriously, But there are some really important lessons that only a mother can give you for a happily ever after. So, here are 7 things every mom wants to tell her daughter before she ties the knot.

#1 The first year!

Marriage is not a bed of roses rather it's a bumpy ride with lot of speed-breakers. So, it's OK, if the first year is not how you planned it to be. Don't give up soon, fight for what you believe and make things happen. You and your man needs to put efforts to make it work, and once the first year is over, everything will get better.

#2 Respect All

If you want respect, give respect. That's how life works, if you don't give respect no one will give respect to you in return. So, in order to live a happy life, respect your in-laws and the new family because then only your man will also respect your parents, It all works in two way.

#3 Keep the secrets!

Don't ever spill family secrets out. Learn to keep it, because now you are a family member. You can't go and spill out all those secrets to anyone not even your own mom.

#4 Invest in your home!

Don't buy any random thing that's in trend, learn to invest in quality things that you are going to use after some years also. Buy things that you can use after years also, because there are going to be many occasion where you will get the chance to buy what you love.

#5 Take some 'Me' Time!

I know it's impossible, when you have to handle your husband, kid and in-laws at the same time. But do take some time out. You invest in your hobbies, life your life the way you always wanted. And don't give up on your dreams so soon.

#6 Accept the changes

Life constantly changes, so don't get upset with the changes, accept it and move on. Don't crib about the change of priorities, because once you are married there are lot of things that demands compromise. So. learn it all.

#7 When in Doubt, Just call me!

No matter how big you become, always remember you are going to be my little girl with pony tails. So, whenever you are in doubt you can always ring me up, I am just a call away. And will be there with you at all those steps.

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