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7 Things To Do When You Get Your Periods On Wedding Day!


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The biggest nightmare, we all have is getting PERIODS on our Wedding day. Like this doesn’t only spoil the mood, but also the whole excitement and make us more scared than happy. Just imagine, you have selected the best lehenga for your big day, done with your makeup trials, all little details are planned and you think now nothing can go wrong when this unexpected  guests all of sudden comes and gives you a visit.

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We panic; we don’t know what to do? And keeping calm won’t help. Dear brides-to-be, we know not all of you, can visit a gynaecologist before the wedding to make sure you don’t get the unexpected guests (though it is advisable). Also, all the wedding stress and running around can sometimes invite the monthly flow. So, if you are a bride on her periods, here are tips to make your day easier and comfier.

#1 Please! Say ‘Hello’ to Tampons & ‘Bye’ to Pads
Ladies! Gear up and ditch the old ways of using pads. If you are a bride on your periods, do opt for tampons. They are comfortable, easy to manage and no tension of getting the stains. You can’t handle the heavy lehenga and equally heavy jewellery with pads on. So, if you can try then do say hello to Tampons.

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#2  Painkillers! 
If you get the tummy aches often, then the best advice is to get ready with the painkillers. Because the pain will ruin your wedding, also sitting with makeup on and heavy lehenga will tend to increase the pain 50 times. So, the best way is to have a painkiller.

#3 Try taking washroom breaks
We know it’s really difficult being a bride; you can’t take too many washroom breaks. But you should! As it will help you to remain stain free, so make sure you instruct your friend or anyone to take you out for the washroom breaks, ANYHOW!

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#4 Drape Your Dupatta Well!
If you are one of those brides, who wanted to show off her waist, and somehow got the unexpected visit. In that case, remember to ask your stylists to drape your dupatta in a way that it hides your swollen tummy. As most of us, do get swollen tummy when on our periods.

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#5 Get ready with the backup Makeup
Please! It’s always advisable whether on periods or not, to carry a backup kit with compact handy. So that you can fix it up on your, but we also advise you to stick to waterproof makeups as the whole period tension and heavy makeup will make you cranky. You will sweat a lot, so better to be ready.

#6 No cold-drinks! Please
Cold drinks will tend to make your stomach pain more, so it’s advisable to avoid drinking one. Rather drink warm water, tea or coffee. As it will help you relax and make your tummy all good.

#7 Here comes Pimple Problem
Well, with period, pimple comes complimentary. So, don’t panic when you get one on the wedding day. Use ice packs on it as much as possible, as it will ease the redness. And rest is the task  of your makeup artist.
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WedStreetstyle Advise – Do Visit a Gynaecologist once the Wedding is finalised!
Listen, all you brides-to-be do visit your gynaecologist once the wedding date is fixed, to make sure you don’t get your periods. Because getting periods on wedding day and then twirling around in the heavy lehenga is not at all comfortable. Also, the wedding stress and anxiety can disrupt your monthly flow. So, do visit the doctor and get to know the ways to pre-pone or postpone Periods.

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