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8 Wedding Day Problems That Will Surely Happen & How To Avoid Them?


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Just a week left for you to tie the knot. By now you have played every little detail in your head on a repeat mode, what you will do, how the day will dawn and blah-blah-blah. Despite all our preparations and precautions, there are some Wedding Day Problems that always pop up, without any formal invite. Like you woke up with a sore throat, your zipper doesn't work, broken heel, well these are what horror stories are made off. So, as everyone says it’s better to be prepared than to be sorry! #Wedstreetstyle team thought and thought hard, and listed out all the possible things that can go wrong. Read on girl and be your own HERO!

#1 Zipper! Uh-oh not again!

This always happen, it’s like a jinx! Your zipper brakes or gets stuck, what the??
If your zipper gets stuck mid-way, don’t panic, relax. And rub candle on the zipper teeth, so that it’s gets easy for you to take it upwards. If this doesn’t work, remember to carry your sewing kit, so that the makeup artist can sew it.
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#2 Perfume Marks? Oh-NO!

You can’t step out without a perfume, but the worst thing, it stains your wedding blouse that too on a worst possible area? Well, that’s an awkward situation! But we have a solution. Take a cotton ball, dip it in a talcum powder, and apply it on the spot. Tadaaa! The talcum absorbs the stain marks, after sometime dust the powder off.

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#3 Wake up with a ZIT! NOOO…

This is the scariest thing anyone can experience, waking up with a massive zit on the face. You do every possible thing to look your best for the wedding day, and then this comes up!
Relax, it happens, control the Bridezilla in you! Try putting toothpaste on the pimple; so that the bump gets flatten, and don’t worry about the redness, concealers are made to hide them! Even, apple cider vinegar can do wonders; just put it on your pimple, Boom! Pimple gone!
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#4 After Haldi effect!

The traditional haldi ceremony, left you with a yellow face?
Don’t worry, dip a cotton ball in milk or rose water, and clean your face with it. You will see all the yellow stains dissolving. And your face glowing, Yay!

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#5 Lipstick Mark! Too Much Love!

Your favourite aunty came to say Hi! And left you with a lipstick marks!
Wait, before you try hard to rub it off, stop there!  Take a tissue and wipe the marks gently, and cover the redness with some foundation or concealer.
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#6 Red Eyes! Don’t Worry!

Woke up with puffy eyes, or got allergic to the kohl your makeup artist used?
Remember this always carry your own Kajal/liner that suits you best. But if you forgot to do that and got allergic to the one your makeup artist used, then don’t rub your eyes, put the refreshing eye drops in your eyes and the redness will go away. Also, you can put a spoon in refrigerator, and put it on your eyes. It’s tried and tested remedy for puffy eyes.
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#7 Opps! Your Stocking had a run!

You wanted to wear a beautiful dress, but your stocking had a run or it starts to tear?
Just apply clear nail polish on the spot, it will prevent it from tearing further and will work magically.
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#8 Your Earring Back fell

Yup, anything and everything can happen if you are a bride ready to tie the knot. You are wearing the beautiful earring and suddenly your earring back fells on the floor?
Well, you should always carry an extra pair in your emergency kit, but if not then please carry an eraser, and cutting it and using it as a back will solve the purpose.
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