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Aww! Kareena Reveals First Reaction Of Saif When She Broke The News Of Her Pregnancy And It's Too Cute!


We are so excited for Kareena and Saif's baby. We have to agree that Kareena is one superwomen. She is doing acting, ads and everything. Recently, Vogue Bff promo released where Kareena is a guest along with her best friend designer Manish Malhotra. Here, she talked about Saif's reaction and what Saif wants to name their baby. When she broke the news of her pregnancy in front of Saif. He said,"(Saif said) I love you more pregnant. I think you should just continuously being pregnant.

Saif finds the term Saifeena funny:"Saif finds it really funny. He says we’ll name our child Saifeena."

Awww! Cuties! 

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