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Aww! Yuvraj Singh And Hazel Share Their Love Story And It's So Romantic!


Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech were the latest guests on The Kapil Sharma Show. They were here to promote Yuvraj's charitable Fashion brand, You We Can. And during the show they started discussing their love story. According to DNA, Yuvraj revealed that he wanted to date Hazel three years ago, but she turned him down. Yuvraj asked her for coffee over phone, but Hazel turned off her phone without saying no. After some time, he noticed that one of his friends was also friends with Hazel on Facebook, and he told his friend to stay away from her because someday,"I'll marry her". Well, we must say how romantic and optimistic! Hazel laughed and said that she hadn't realised that she loved him  until he asked her to marry him while they were in Bali.

Aww! How cute are they! Yuvi sure got lucky here! 

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