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#BrideGuide: How To Have Perfect Bridal Nails & Tips To Pamper Them!


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At #Wedstreetstyle we believe in giving importance to all the small details from brides to groom, from menu to venue. So, today we will tell you how to pamper your nails and make it shiny for your big day. After all, every little detail will make you the most beautiful bride of all.

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Ways to pamper your nails before D-day!

#1 Eat the right food

Most of us ignore eating the right food and often think that this won’t help. But studies show protein rich food like meat and egg can help grow nails stronger and healthier. If you want to grow your nails fast for the wedding consult doctor and take supplements and vitamin for the nail growth.

#2 Prep up your nails

Nothing comes easy and so is the case with nails, if you want to grow your nails stronger for wedding, you need to prep it up weekly. For a healthy growth trim your nails weekly and file them. Use coconut oil on your cuticle. So, that your nails don’t chip and shines.

#3 Choose colour according to your skin tone

Yup, you need to choose the right colour for your skin tone. If you are a fair skin toned bride – look for blushes and nudes. If you are olive skin toned go for peaches, beige and light pinks. If you are a little darker, opt for rose or brownish tones.

#4 Regular Manicures

If you pamper your nails it will grow faster, so get your manicures on time, don’t go on last day, neither get it too soon.

#5 Clear Polish for chipped nails

Stock yourself up with extra clear nail paint for emergency. If your nail chips before wedding apply a coat of clear polish and tadaa problem solved!

Nail Art for your Wedding

While some of you want to flaunt basic white or pink nails or even red for the wedding, there are some who want to take a step further and flaunt beautiful nail art on their big day. So, here are some ideas you can take inspiration from.

# The 3D nail art
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# The Golden nail art
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 # French Manicure! 
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# Matte & Gloss!
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# The Golden Glitter
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