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#BrideGuide: Searching For The Dream Lehenga? Tips & Tricks To Get It Right!


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If you had said this too many times, ‘Nai, iska colour acha nai hai’, ‘Nai, iska blouse mein maja nai hai’, ‘I want something hatke’? And the shopkeeper had done his best to persuade you, to buy the lehenga from his shop. And after visiting the 10th shop in search of your dream lehenga, you haven’t yet found one.
We understand your struggle and your hopes to find that dream lehenga in which you look like no less than a celebrity. It becomes hard if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. So, #Wedstreetstyle team brings you tips and tricks to help you find the right wedding lehenga.

Tips To Find The Dream Lehenga
  • Don't take along your entire family, it's not a family outing! (You will get millions of suggestions, which will further confuse you)
  • Do not finalize your lehenga lot before the wedding, because there will be many options later and you will regret it. Also, don't be too late, your lehenga needs time to get customized. End your search atleast 6 months before. 
  • Don't get confused! Know what you want, the shopkeeper or the cousins is not getting married, you are the one who will tie the knot wearing it. You need to take your time to select the right
  • Remember to know whether you are a winter bride or a summer. While cool, and pastel shades with light work looks good in summer, winter is more of colour of warmness. 
  • Be open at your choices. If you have something in your mind, then the chances are you are not going to find it whatever shop. you may visit. 
  • Know your body! Remember to know your body type, don't fall in the trap of latest trends. If something looks good on you then only buy.
  • Make sure you are wearing jeggings or a jeans, as you will have to try the lehengas lot of time on the clothes. So, to get the best of the experience, wear smart clothing
  • Click pictures, we know most of the shopkeepers don't allow. But if you can find a way then do click. As it will help you to give it another thought and believe us you will have a second opinion. 
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Things to keep in mind while selecting the Lehenga

#1 Check for the Inner-facing of the Dupatta

Yup, most of the time, we forget to give importance to dupatta and often just see the front. But, the right  way to select the best lehenga that looks great on you is to look at the details. Check for the inner facing, and the fabric. Always choose a bright colour of facing, as colour like midnight blue will make you look darker in the pictures. 
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#2 Blouse & Dupatta are more IMPORTANT 

You read it right! Most of us give more importance to the lehenga skirt and then check dupatta and blouse. While, we should see the other way round. Reason is simple, you are most of the time be clicked above the waist. Your skirt won't even be visible. So, select the right dupatta and blouse
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#3 Match your lehenga to the jewels

We had told you this earlier also. The right way to co-ordinate the jewels and wedding lehenga is to match the lehenga with the jewellery and not the other way round. Remember to buy the jewellery first and  then go for lehenga shopping. It will make your life easier.
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#4 Remember to set the budget

Remember you are going to wear your lehenga once only. So, setting a budget is important and do not cross it, no matter how good the design is. Also, it's ok if your lehenga is not from topnotch deisnger. Really, not all can afford them. If you know your style, you can the best from your budget. 
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