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#BrideGuide: Super Saree Styling Hacks For Short Girls!


We know being a short height girl is cute, adorable and the best part you never look your age. However, it has some negatives as well like you can’t wear a saree without looking short. Yeah, we know the struggle; you can’t leave the pallu open because it will make you look shorter, you can’t show off your belly in style and many more. Since, it’s your wedding you can’t escape wearing a saree. So, #Wedstreetstyle team thought of giving you some saree styling hacks to make you look confident because height really doesn’t matter. Read on and be your own stylists!

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#1 Saree Fabric
First thing first, while selecting a saree, remember dear don’t go with what’s in style. Rather, go for something you know, you can carry well. And a heavier saree will make you look shorter and your tummy heavier because of all the tucking in. Always choose lighter fabrics like chiffon, that can easily be wrapped around your waist and make you look right. Also, it will make you look taller.

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#2 A must have Slim fit petticoat
Another problem arises when short heights go for a normal petticoat type. Well, the standard petticoat is not made for short height girls. And it won’t suit you well. So, remember to get your petticoat customized. Ask your tailor to strictly go for a slim fit petticoat that accentuates your curve. Petticoats are important as they shape your saree, so another hack that will make you look taller is to ditch the petticoats and opt for a tight fitted jeans or leggings. Believe us, it’s really comfortable and best hack.

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#3 Borders
We loved our mom’s kanjivaram sarees with big borders and always thought of having one when we grow up. But if you are one of the short heights, do not go for big borders in any kind of saree. The borders will make you look shorter. Instead opt for thin borders that will help you look tall and won’t cut your height.

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#4 The Fitted Blouse
If you think your blouse is not fitted and you are not happy with the style, drop it right away. Because ill-fitted blouse will make your saree look messier and forget being glamorous.  Also, make sure you choose the right neckline; don’t go for half sleeves rather choose halter necks with cut sleeves or deep necks. Also, remember not to go for long blouse length and neither the short ones.
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#5 Say ‘YES’ to Heels, Please!
No matter you love heels or not, just don’t skip one with a saree. Remember to pick the right heels, wedges are comfortable and sounds best, but it won’t go with all saree types. Rather go for a sleek comfortable heel, which makes your look complete. Also, do not make a mistake of wearing super high heels that you aren’t comfortable wearing.

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Tips to Glam-Up Your Saree
  • Make sure you don't keep your pallu open, as it will make you look short
  • Remember to give importance to the pleating game, because a right pleated saree will make you look beautiful and a  wrong one will mess up your entire look.
  • Also, accessorize right. Don't overboard with jewels, if your saree is heavy, go for danglers and skip a neckpiece.
  • The right hairstyle will make you look taller and wrong one will cut your height further. Go, for a high-messy bun as it will add length to your height.Also, you can let your hair open in side parting to get the look right.
  • Go for a monochrome saree. As it will make you look taller.

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