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Brides! Get Inspired By Bollywood Beauty Deepika Padukone's Saree Style


Dear Brides-to-be,

Stop right away if you are shopping for your bridal trousseau, because we are going to unveil the serious saree collection from Deepika Padukone's breathtaking wardrobe, that can really inspire you and set some serious saree goals for you. So, here is our top picks, scroll down and save it in your gallery now.

#1 The White Saree

We just loved this look from Deepika Padukone's wardrobe. Look at the intricate white saree, and the way she styled the pallu with a low bun. If you love minimal style then this is  the look for you.

#2 The Floral Saree

If you love floral print, then this saree from Deepika's collection will stun you. The way she styled her basiic look is amazing. We loved the choice of her earings, and the way she left her pallu open. 

#3 The Net Saree

We must admit Deepika Padukone is a saree queen, there is no one else in the industry who can carry a basic simple net saree with such an oomph. We loved her neckline of the blouse and her complete style.

#4 The Retro

Another hit from her wardrobe is this black saree that gives us a retro feel. We don't know whether it's her hair or the border of the saree that has taken our heart away.

#5 The Smoking red

Being a newly bride you need to have a red saree in your trousseau collection. But if you don't like those heavy red brocade saree, then get inspired by Deepika Padukone's. She is looking so pretty in it.

#6 The cape Saree

Ohh! She is looking absolutely splendid in her cape saree, you can also cheat this entire look from her wardrobe.

#7 The full sleeve Blouse

You will all agree she is an unbeatable in styling every saree. The best thing about her entire look is the blouse with the key hole neckline. We loved the prints on the blouse and simple saree.

#8 The Pastel Saree

Pastel is in trend and Deepika carries it amazingly. Out of all her collection we absolutely loved this one. 

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