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Dear Mom, Here Are 7 Things I Still Don't Know How To Do Without You? (Every Girl's Thought)


Whatever I am, It's all because of YOU..

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Dear Mom,
I am tying the knot soon as you always wanted me to. I am going to be responsible adult, ready to set a life of her own. But today what ever I am is all because of you. However, there are still things that I absolutely have no idea how to handle (And no, I am not talking about cooking). So, here are 7 things I still don't know how to handle and want to thank you for all the little things you taught me.

(P.s: Share it with your mom, NOW)

#1 Anger Management 
Once I am angry there is no stopping me, only you and your words can make me stop right away. I wonder how I will manage it in my new home. I will always miss and love the way you guide me how I should react and control in front of people. You tell me that not all things are worth giving a reaction. Mom, I really don't know how will I handle it in a world without you.

#2 Adjustments
You have been telling me this since I was 15 years old. The key to happy marriage is adjustments. Adjust with your sister, brother, dog and now husband too. But mom I am still bad at adjustments I try and try harder but there are things I just can't let go. I hope some day I will learn this key to happiness. 

#3 Think About others FIRST!
I just don't know how you manage everyone in the house. You take care of everyone's need before you. You know what everyone wants and you do the exactly same. You are surely a super mom and super wife. I don't think so I can ever be like you. But I have to try I know. So, I am learning how to put others need first, to make  them happy and I am sure one day I will make you proud (because you taught me well).

#4 Shopping, Oh NO!
I can't think of shopping without you, it's you who guides me best what I should buy and what I should not. I am sure I wouldn't have ever known the difference between cotton and chiffon ever, if it wasn't you. I am surely gonna miss our shopping dates and coming home late. I still wonder how will I manage shopping without you. 

#5 You made 'Me'
Yes Mom, it's all because of you that I am who I am  today. You made me learn things, fight for what I really believe and take a stand whenever I can. You told me that this world is not a happy place but we can always make it one for others to live in. Thank you mom, I am still learning to get the better version of myself and will always do.

#6 The joy of GIVING
Thank You Mom for teaching me the joy of giving. I still remember how much I cried when you told me to give away my favourite teddy bear to the driver uncle's kid who couldn't afford it. You told me that I don't need it anymore but I cried a lot. It's because of you that day I learnt the habit of giving without expecting. 

#7 The first time when I cooked
I am damn sure I cannot ever cook like you do. But I will always try. I still remember the first time when I cooked and the smile I saw on your face was priceless. After that you constantly tried and made sure I learn cooking but I always said No. It's not because I don't want to learn cooking, but because I know I can never cook the way you do. 

Thank You, Mom for all the things you taught me whether big or small. I am still learning it all from you. 

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