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Delhi Shopping: Your Guide To Blouse Shopping In GK-1, M Block Market


A well fitted saree blouse is a super essential piece of an Indian ensemble. Finding the right place to shop or stitch your saree blouse can be a tedious task in Delhi but owing to my wedding trousseue shopping, I have been exploring multiple places that I can't wait to share with you all. I remember doing a blogpost with ultimate guide to saree blouse stitching in Delhi here, but today I am going to share and talk about the famous and yet a secret blouse gali at GK-1, M block market. 

Some of my readers residing in south Delhi are well aware of the underground blouse wali gali. This place is a must visit for everyone who is looking for festive, fancy, wedding, bling blouse pieces. The best part about this place is that they have ready made designs available (a myriad variety if I may say). Here you will find blouse designs in self work, raw silk, sequins, mirror work, brocade and more. 
All the blouses that you see and like have abundance of margin available in them. So for say if you are a Large size and like a blouse in small size then you need not worry as that very same blouse will have enough margin available in it. I really mean it as I happened to like a zardosi blouse that was 3 inches shorter from hooking up properly :( but because this blouse gali has a  real time masterji sitting at the shop, they fixed it up for me haath ke haath. 

There are no tips and tricks to shop here as you will be spoilt for choice! Golden and silver blouses aren't basics as they have 100 shades of golden blouses and more. Another thing that you need to know is that 70% of the blouse designs are without sleeves but incase you want to wear or add sleeves to the blouse then these guys can create just that for you. You need to add INR 100- INR 150 for the sleeves and they fix it up right away. Also they have a small trial room for fittings so that too get sorted swiftly. 

NOTE: The sleeves that they add/create are only and only available in net fabric. So incase you aren't a big fan of net sleeves then you may have to choose a different design all together. 

As for the pricing, the blouse pieces start at INR 1000/- and you can bargain upto INR 800 if you buy 3-4 blouse designs. Bargaining usually happens for basic designs and additional sleeves don't get included in the bargain (ofcourse). I picked up the sequin blouse that I am sporting in this photo from the very same place and also got myself raw silk blouses in golden, copper and some embroidered ones with heirloom sarees. 

WHERE: It's ahead of Dunkin Donuts, and you might just miss the doorway that spreads like a dungeon. Check out Roshan's Tailors (the last shop at corner) for max variety. 
P.S. incase you want to visit the famous Eves store for blouse designing and stitching then visit these guys. They are the second papaji's in this business. Okay they are a bit more expensive than Tilak guys (at Karol Bagh) but are specialists in : Corset Blouse, Halter Cut Blouse, Bombay Cut Blouse, Padded Blouse, Princess Cut Blouse, Off Shoulder Blouse, Choli Cut Blouse, Backless Blouse, Spaghetti Strap Blouse and more. The delivery again varies from 15-20 days but they are best when booked a month or two months in advance. They don't take additional orders if they are loaded with work but yes they also house ready made pieces for a bride on the go. Average cost price of a designer blouse is INR 800 onwards.

Eves can be found at M - 24A, Main Market, Greater Kailash Part - 1, New Delhi - 110048.

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