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"I Didn't Marry Divyanka For Her Fame" Says Vivek Dahiya!


Divyanka and Vivek make an adorable couple and their fan following is HUGE. Yesterday, there were rumours doing rounds that Divyanka lost one project because of Vivek. However the couple lashed out on the media. In a recent interview to TOI when Vivek asked about the same question he said:

"Not true at all. There was no such endorsement offer. Initially, we ignored these rumours but Divyanka had an intuition that this would become a big issue. We are shocked to see how this has been blown out of proportion. We are both khuddar and self-made. I didn't marry Divyanka for her fame but fell for the person that she was and she knows it very well too. I want to carve a different path for myself and I don't shy away from hard work... If I don't make it on my own, I won't have a story to tell our kids!"

We believe you Vivek !!! 

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