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Makeup Ideas For A Warm Skin-tone Bride For Wedding


Dear Brides-to-be,
We know by now you must have selected your makeup artist and gone on trials and they must have told you a thing or two. But we all know they are not going to be sticking around you on your date nights with the groom's family and small functions. So, here we are with our exclusive series of 'Makeup ideas for every skintone' and today we are discussing tips and tricks for the warm-skin tone bride. Read on and select the best style for you.

Know Your Skin-Tone

We all get confused when and warm and cool skintone words come up. Knowing your skin-tone will help you determine the right makeup for you. Also, selecting the right makeup according to your skin-tone will enhance your overall look and will make things more easier for you. So, here are test to know your skin-tone.

#Check Your Veins 

Look closely at the underside of your wrist. What colour do your veins have? If they are more Bluish-purple, then baby you have a cool skin-tone. But if you have greenish veins, then congrats you have a warm skintone.

#Gold&Silver Test

Take two piece of cloth one in gold and other one in silver. Put the gold and silver cloth around your face one by one. If your face lights up in gold then you have a warm skintone, but if you look more beautiful in silver then you have a cool skintone.
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Makeup for the warm skin tone

The best way to look more radiant on your wedding day or pre-wedding functions is to choose the right undertones that compliments  well with your skin colour. You can add golden colour tones to your face to get the sunkissed effect. You can choose between the hues of golden colour palette to metallic one.

#Choose the right foundation 

It is said that warm colour look best with warm undertones. So, choose a foundation that has a yellow undertone to it and not pink. Look out for foundation with words like golden, warm beige and honey. Another easy way to look out for foundation for your skintone is to look for W word, most companies label foundation for warm skin tone with it. Also, the foundation inside the bottle tends to look more yellowish then pink. 
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#Pick the right blush 

Most of us doesn't choose the right blushes according to our skin tone. If you are a warm skin tone bride, choose blush in shades of golden hues, bronze or rust  to blend in with your complexion. Avoid blushes in orange and peach tint. You can even play a little with these colours by selecting cool pink,
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Remember to select eyeshadow in tones of gold, bronze and rust, it will automatically make your eyes and skin glow with radiance. You can also select pink and green in warm shades, but all of these hues won't suit you. Also, don't go for smokey eyes, as it doesn't look good on warm skin tones. Also, remember to use eyes primer on your eyelids, as it will intensify eyeshadow colour and makes your eyeshadow last longer. 
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