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My Visit And Review Of Dentzz Dental Care, GK New Delhi


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My quest for beauty has been leading me to explore places that not only are helping me look good but also feel beautiful inside out! Being in the business of blogging for almost 5 years now, it’s always been imperative to be camera-ready whether it is for photo shoots, or selfies or even meeting new people at work. That’s where oral hygiene and dental care plays a major role in elevating one’s confidence. With my wedding coming up, I decided to meet up with the team of Dentzz Dental Care in Delhi who are among India’s leading facilities for conventional and cosmetic chemistry.  I interacted with the resident doctors to know and understand the best dental treatments suited for a bride and was rather happy to have chosen Dentzz Dental care as a part of my pre-wedding beauty destination. Here’s my Dentzz review and my first impression of this place.

With a team of highly qualified dentists and technicians, specializing in different fields of dentistry, Dentzz offers a full array of dental services. The overall vibe of this place is extremely comforting and as I walked in, the staff greeted me and just then I met the practice head at the Delhi branch and discussed about the latest technology, services and treatments that Dentzz offers. What really does set Dentzz apart is the hi-tech dentistry that the brand offers. From advanced smile makeovers, full mouth dental implants, zirconia and CAD CAM crowns, laser dentistry, invisible braces this is a one stop shop in dental technology. With a global expertise, the team comes with warranted services that will not only help you look beautiful but will work away your dental woos in absolutely no time!

In today’s time when everything is available on the go, one must weight their options before making any decision especially when it comes to smile makeovers or oral treatments. I was amazed to see Dentzz housing 3D CT scan machine, which ensures flawless accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. While speaking to the practice head, I realized that a lot of their clientele were expats along with the Delhi residents and more and more referrals came via word of mouth. Some of the key services include COSMETIC DENTISTRY, BONDING (a procedure where minor flaws in the smile are corrected), METAL FREE CERAMIC CROWNS, RECONTOURING OF TEETH & GUMS and more.

For a bride-to-be or anyone who has an important event to attend, they have another very popular practice called INSTANT TOOTH WHITENING. I loved this service in particular for Dentzz prides itself as the tooth-whitening expert and they treat about 10-tooth whitening cases everyday. They safely remove microscopic intrinsic stains and discolorations using a peroxide agent in all of 45 minutes. The service comes at a competitive price and is absolutely safe.

I happened to do a studio tour and witness the state of the art tech and equipment’s that really do make them one of the best in the industry. What I really do like about their overall brand ideology is that they firmly believe in confidence makeover. I am really conscious about certain things in life having a great smile tops my list. Blame it on my upcoming D-day or the nature of my profession, having a partner like Dentzz is indeed a great choice. From assessing one’s smile taking into their account the facial features, skin colour, age etc, the team works on the best service possible for their client.

Even before one goes for any kind of smile makeover, it is imperative to feel confident of the place and the specialists who are going to work with you in the process. I absolutely recommend this clinic and hope that the review of Dentzz Dental Clinic will help you make a right choice!

As for all the bride-to-be(s) on the blog, the doctors at Dentzz advise a once in a month visit to the dentist for best oral and smile care! They also recommend the fuss free instant whitening treatment before the big day and yes, I am happy to share that I have already booked my appointment with them.
For more details, you can visit their website on .

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  1. Hi Devina, you have a shared a really informative experience. I have a friend's wedding the next month, I am planning to pay a visit to Dentzz. Can you tell me which Doctor did you get your treatment done from?

  2. Really nice post. I was actually looking for such a clinic near me and finally I found this one, thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. This post is really great. I had a root canal done here and first I was so scared but the procedure was almost painless. Best choice I ever made. Would definitely recommend these guys

  4. My teeth have been giving me a lot of problems. Thank you for sharing this post because now I am pretty convinced about visiting Dentzz and having them take a look… will take an appointment at Dentzz asap.

  5. Your review is really nice and informative. And I think that Dentzz is a really top notch clinic, and I know they even have clinics around the world! That says a lot about their quality and service.

  6. Your review looks good about Dentzz & I would like to check them out as I’ve not been too happy with my family dentist. I love how they offer warranties also for their work!

  7. I have my wedding next month and need a smile makeover. I just read this and am inspired to get treatment from Dentzz clinic. Can’t wait to have a stunning smile for my big day!

  8. Yes, this is truly a great place if you want smile makeover. At Dentzz, the dentists are amazing & they walk you through all the procedures. I can’t thank these guys enough for giving me a beautiful smile.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I went to Dentzz for teeth whitening too and the results are amazing. Good service and all the staff from receptionist, nurses to doctors, everyone is really kind and caring. The clinic has a good atmosphere too!

  11. I think Dentzz dental is completely trustworthy when it comes to dental treatment. My mom had undergone dental implant treatment with Dentzz dental and everything went smooth from the day we started the treatment. We are completely satisfied with the treatment.