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"Nothing Has Changed Between Me And Kriti" Says Sushant Singh Rajput


Sushant Singh Rajput has come a long way. Now he is all set to play the role of Cricketer MS Dhoni in his upcoming movie,' M.S. Dhoni: An Untold Story.' Sushant and Ankita's break up was the talk of the town and there were rumors doing the rounds that because of Kriti Sanon they parted ways. In a candid chat with Times Of India, when Sushant was asked if the rumours affect Sushant's equation with Kriti. He said,"Nothing has changed between Kriti and me, but there was a point when it got nasty. Other than saying that Kriti was the reason (for my break-up), it was also alleged that we had manufactured this entire thing (link-up) for our film's promotion. That is when I decided to set the record straight. The day I use anything other than my acting skills to get me going in the industry, I shall quit. This will be the last thing I will ever do. If people think good things about me, I'll make them smile. If they think bad things about me, it's their problem." 
He was also asked if  Ankita will be an integral part of his life, he said,"Of course, there are few things that have actually shaped the way I am today. One of those things was my mother. I stayed with Ankita for seven years. There are very few things I am sure I would be reminded of just before dying and this would definitely be one of them, in a good way."

The movie will be releasing on 30th October! 

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