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SCOOP: Are Virat & Anushka Breaking Up Again?


In the beginning of this year Anushka and Virat's break-up had made headlines. Virat indirectly confirmed this news by posting a single status update on Instagram and deleting it soon after. Both the parties maintained a dignified stance and refused to divulge any details of the reason why they had parted ways. It was rumoured that Virat wanted to get hitched but Anushka wanted to focus on her career. Virat tried everything to woo his lady love back and soon the two love birds were back together! But it seems like all is not well between the two yet again!

As per sources its not their busy schedules but it's boyfriend Virat’s possessiveness that seems to be driving Anushka away from the cricketer. A source close to India’s star cricketer said, “Virat is very possessive boyfriend. In fact every time Anushka is on an outdoor he constantly calls to check on her. He also is a little uncomfortable with Anushka’s work schedule. Virat was vary that Anushka will be traveling outdoor with Ranbir Kapoor and Fawad Khan for promotion of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.” The source further continued, “Anushka clearly is not very comfortable with this insecure behaviour of Virat. And that is causing tension between them right now.”

We totally adore Anushka and Virat and hope that the two resolve their issues and find their happily ever after! 

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