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"Pakistani Artists Are Not Terrorists" Says Salman Khan On Ban Of Pakistani Artists


Indian Army carried out a Surgical strike against terror camps based in POK on Thursday which led to destruction of many terror hideouts and terrorists. Many Bollywood actors have come out and reacted on the issue. Political wing MNS banned Pakistani artists from India and even the Indian Motion Pictures Producers' Association (IMPPA) has passed a resolution to ban the Pak artists till normalcy returns.

Salman Khan was spotted at the launch being Human Jewel event in Delhi today. Slaman was asked of his opinion on the ban, Salman defended the artists saying, "Terrorists and artists are different. Do you think there is no difference between an actor and a terrorist? Actors come here with a proper visa granted by government. They have a proper work permit."

Watch the video:

He was also quizzed on the surgical strike and he said, "Terrorists the na? Proper action tha (They were terrorists. It was the right move). Ideally it should have been a situation of peace between the two countries. Every action has a reaction and what happened now was our reaction to an action. In this stage, I think it would be better if we stay with a peace and spread love across the border. I think our action was proper because they were terrorists."

What opinion do you guys have???

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