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10 Things You Need To Check Before You Leave The Saloon For Your Wedding!


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Dear Brides-to-be,
Weddings aren't easy as it seems to be, you get panicked and a little mistake can ruin your big day. So, we thought to make your wedding day a little easier, here are 10 things you need to check before you leave the saloon for your wedding.

#1 Check if there is enough loose dupatta between your head and shoulder!
This is one of the common mistakes most of the makeup artist make, they don't leave enough space while pinning the dupatta on head and shoulder. And the result, frozen neck, so before you leave for the venue, check it out that is there enough space for you to move your neck.

#2 Check the need to Pee
You might think it's obvious, but many brides forget this because of all the excitement and nervousness.  So, before you wear your lehenga/saree make sure you pee and do whatever you want to do.  Also, it is not easy to use loo in  that heavy lehenga.

#3 Brushed Teeth!
Make sure before your makeup artist start putting the red or hot pink lipstick your teeth are brushed. As these colour makes your teeth look yellower and it  shows in the pictures as well. You need to have the whitest of white teeth before you don that red lipstick.

#4 Photo session
Another important thing you need to see for is whether your photographer has taken all the candid shot of you turning into the bride. If not call him in and get started because this they won't come again/ 

#5 Pictures with your Girls
Yup, this is another important thing, as once you step on the stage you are going to get clicked with your man or the guests. So, get all the fun shots now!

#6 Check for the nail paint on your toes!
There are lot of ceremonies where you need to put your toe lifting your lehenga up, so show off your gorgeous nail paint toes. And not the one without polish.

#7 Brides who are wearing off-shoulder blouse
Those brides who chose off shoulder blouse for their wedding function make sure you have secured it with double tape to make sure every thing stays in place.

#8 Perfumes!
Make sure you are smelling good, so apply the best perfume and look out for the perfume stains, If you find any, just dab a cotton swab in powder and put it on the stain.

#9 Footwear check!
See whether you have walked in your footwear before the wedding to make it comfortable and avoid any shoe bite. If you don't feel comfortable in your heels just drop it, as your face will drop because of all the pain caused by these heels.

#10 Emergency kit
And remember to take your bridal emergency kit with you all the time, no matter what do not forget taking one.

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