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5 Best Bridal Facial To Get The Glow For All Skin Types!


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We all are blessed with different skin types and texture. Things that suits one doesn't necessarily suits another. So, for those brides who are confused how to get the best bridal facial to get the glow on. We are here to help you out and tell you best facials you can try out according to your skin type. No more tension, sit back and relax.

Tip: Start your facials atleast 4 months before the weddinge and get them done once in a month to get the radiant glow and avoid problem that comes with it!

#1 Oily Skin
Darling if you have an oily skin, remember to go for gel based products for facials. As creamy facial products will add on to your problem and makes your skin prone to acne. Also, remember to ask your beautician to massage your skin lightly in a circular motion, as massaging your skin too hard can lead to secretion of excess oil on your face. 

#2 Dry Skin
If you are a bride with dry skin then just relax as creamy facials, aroma oils and massage will get you the glow you are looking for. The cream and the oil will help you hydrate your skin making it glow. You can even use a nice granular scrub, as it will help you soften out your skin and removes all the dead cells. We are sure your skin will radiate with glow on your big day.

#3 Normal/Combination Skin
Brides with normal or combination skin can try out anything and everything and then select the one that suits you best. Your skin can react well with the natural fresh banana massage or you might get relaxed with the aroma oil massage that soften your skin and makes you glow. Believe us, you have a range of options to choose from. Don't worry!

#4 Sensitive Skin
If you are blessed with sensitive skin, then please don't go for anything that's have too much chemical in it. Just go for a fruit based facials. It will work best for your skin type. You can easily get the glow from papaya juice or cucumber massage. So, book yourself for natural facials.

#5 Blackhead/whitehead prone Skin
If you are facing blackheads problem for quite some time, go for straight clean up as it is must for you. Remember to opt for gel based products and once the cleansing is done go for the massage to regulate the oil flow. Use steam so that the dead pores open up, and remember not to pick up the blackhead without the steam.

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