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5 Marriage Myths That You Don't Need To Believe In!


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Once you get married, everyone start giving you advice, how to make your life happy and your partner happiest. Everyone who got married or didn't will blast you with special comments on how you should keep up with your partner. We are sure with so many advises, you are confused whom to believe. So, we thought to bust some common marriage myths that we all have. Here you go!

#1 Happy Couples 'Do' Argue!
Yes, we all have heard that happy couple don't argue. But you know even Hindu God Ram has argued with her wife Sita, and we are humans. We tend to argue, so it's OK, when you have your first argument. It will only make your relationship more strong once you resolve it. So, don't worry and talk it out.

#2 Happy Couples 'Don't' go to bed angry!
Another biggest myth is that happy couples don't go to bed angry like they will fight till 5 A.M but won't call it quit. It's one of the stupid thing. If you think you are not getting solution to your fight and things are turning ugly, just switch off the lights and sleep. Believe us, you will wake up with fresh mind and a new perspective to resolve the fight.

#3 His family is your 'Only' Family!
Please get over with this one myth, soon. Love his family, but don't feel guilty of spending time with yours too. Once you are married your parents don't change, they only add into your family and make it big. So, don't give up on people who was there in your every weak and strong moment.

#4 Having kids will 'Solve All Your Issues'
It's true, once a couple have kids, they get more close. But, please don't use it as an excuse to solve the issues of your troubled marriage. It will only worsen the case as you both don't get onto permanent conclusion. Plus, kids are a big responsibility, take it, when you are ready.

#5 Happy Couples 'Don't' do everything together!
Yes, it's another stupid myth that happy couple do everything together. Well, do spend some quality time together but they also give space for the alone time. It's important in a relationship to take out time for your own self.

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