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5 Super Cute Things You Need To Do With Your Sister Before She Gets Married!


Sisters are the first Best Friend! 

Seeing your sister's doli is one of the most emotional moment. The thought of not sharing the room with her, wardrobe fights and her constant nagging makes your heartbreak a little. But you know she is ready to make her own with her own set of people. So, before your sister ties the knot, here are some super cute things you need to do with her to cherish your whole life. Because she is always going to be your first best friend and you need to make her feel special.

#1 The All Girls Trip!
Yes, you need to go on all girls trip with your sister, because these days won't come again. She will soon be getting accompanied with her husband where ever she goes. So, plan a girls trip and have a best of your days with her. Go to some place you both always wanted to go.

#2 Make a Scrapbook  
Take out all your old albums and start scrapping, Yes, make a cute scrapbook for her, include all those stupid, silly pictures in your scrapbook. Write her some great thoughts that touches her heart. And she can carry it in her new home.

#3 Spa Time!
Pamper yourself and her, book a all day spa treatments to your favourite saloon. And then you can go on an evening date with her. In midst of all those shopping, it can really be a nice stress buster.

#4 The pyjama party!
Remember how much you loved the concept of slumber parties, well do it with her again. Get coordinate pyjamas and call in the girls. And party all night. Yes!

#5 Pamper Your Mom&Dad Together
Your mom and dad are going on their own emotional rollercoster ride, so it's time you both together pamper them. Remember the first time you both stepped into the kitchen and cooked the breakfast for them, do it again. Give them the love they need.

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