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5 Things You Need Not Change After Your Wedding! (Seriously!)


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There are lot of things that changes once you tie the knot. From a changed address to a completely changed wardrobe and people to live with. So, we thought why not show you some brighter side of your marriage. Here are 5 things that you need not change after your wedding. Enjoy and share with all the bride-to-be's!

#1 Date nights 

Please no matter what happens, how much you fight or love, never ever skip a date night over work. It will always spice up your romance and getting ready for each other will make you fall more and more in love. 
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#2 Mom-Dad

Your parents will always love you the way they always did, after tying the knot they won't just forget you. In fact you will always be a little girl to them, no matter how many kids you have. So, don't worry about this relationship, it will never change.
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#3 Work Life

Who said, you can't work after marriage or your life mix up once you tie the knot. Wrong! There are bunch of successful ladies who handle their work and married life with perfection. So, don't worry about this one thing. It's up to you how you handle the stress.
#4 Independence

If you loved being an independent girl all your life, then be the one after marriage as well. You don't have to be this dependent wife waiting for your husbands approval to get going. Believe us, you partner will love it.
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#5 Friends time!

Never ever leave your friends, make time for them, too. Take our advice, it will always keep you sane. Plan date nights with your girls to give the break to the regular life and get hold of what all is  going on.
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