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7 Amazing Beauty Tips For Your Wedding Week!


You are just a week away from turning into someone's Mrs. and we are sure it all looks like a dream. While you are enjoying all the love and pampering, here is how to give some much needed extra care to yourself to look amazing on your wedding day.

#1 Workouts!
Now, is the time to tone up yourself, one hour regular work out routine will help you loose those extra fat and also chase away the wedding day jitters. Also, it will keep you happy and glowing. 

#2 Drink more water!
It's just one week left, drink as much water as you can to get glowing on your big day. All the water intake will help you stay hydrated and radiate a natural shine and flush out all the toxins from your body. 

#3 Hair Spas
You need to take care of your hair too. So, book an appointment in the salon for a deep conditioning hair spa few days before the wedding. It will give you smoother, softer and shiner locks for your wedding day. Also, stay away from any heat styling, as it will leave your hair rough.

#4 No more puffy eyes
If you easily get circles under you eyes and puffiness then don't over exert yourself. Take rest as much as you can atleast 1 week before your wedding. Avoid alcoholic drinks and apply aloevera cream under your eye in the morning and while you sleep in the night.

#5 Facials!
Take your last facial atleast 6 days before the wedding to get the gorgeous looking you. It will give your skin enough time to settle down.  Also, make sure to stay away from direct sun for long hours and always use sunscreen before you head out.

#6 Hot bath!The night before your wedding day make sure you take a warm bath to calm yourself down. It will  relax your mind. Also, make sure you wash your hair, too, As it is always advisable to wash your hair day before the wedding.

#7 Waxing
Remember to wax at least 3-4 days before the wedding which includes bikini wax, too. It's a great way to settle the down the redness and irritation. And make sure you do the final manicure and pedicure just a day before the wedding.

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