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7 Fashion-Related Problem Only A Short Heighted Bride Can Understand!


No matter what, short is always CUTE!
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It's not easy being a bride, especially when you are girl with the short height. However, we always say that short girls are the cutest and we strongly believe this, But there are some real struggles that all the short height girls can relate to. Read on & have a laugh.

#1 Heels,  Heels & Heels!
If you are bride-to-be with short height, you know you can never wear those jottis because you always eye on heels to match the height of your Man. You get sore feet but saying bye-bye to heels is just not possible.

#2 Anarkalis!
Every time you see the latest anarkali, you feel like wearing it, but never does as it only makes your height look more short.

#3 You Trip, Always!
You always trip, always, because of the high heels and the long dresses. 

#4 Lehengas
You need to look your best on your wedding day, but the idea of wearing a long lehenga skirt gives you chill.

#5 The Alterations
You need to get every dress altered. That's the real struggle nothing comes in your size.

#6 You always stand on your tip-toes
Yup, you are always standing on your tip-toes for doing every little thing, even kissing or hugging!

#7 Your Default Description is 'Cute'
Yes, everything she does is cute and adorable, remember always cute and not hot. While we always wait to get the sexy comment but instead we always get cute comments. 

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