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7 Real Struggles Every Bride Goes Through To Find Her Perfect Wedding Dress! (Relax! And Have A Laugh)


If you are married or about to get married, or you have accompanied your sister/friend to those shopping trips, then you must be knowing how much fun it is. You feel happy and excited to look at all those pretty dresses, but don't get satisfied. And then there are times  too funny you can't even explain in words Well, only a bride-to-be knows the real struggle of finding the perfect wedding dress, the embarrassment of rejecting numerous lehengas to the joy of finding your dream lehenga. So, here are some hilarious things that happen along the way to our dream dress.

#1 Almost everyone in the family wants to tag along your lehenga shopping!
Be it chach, mamis or overexcited friends, suddenly almost everyone wants to be a part of your shaddi shopping. And there are times when you also doubt  who is more excited you or your extended family! 
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#2 Designer Stores or the Good Old Chandni Chowk
And here comes the first hurdle, deciding the location from where you can buy your lehenga. While your Mom and Dad opt for the good old chandni chowk seller, you want to give a try to those designers and malls. 

#3 When at every dress trial your Mom gets Emotional!
Moms can't easily digest the fact that her little princess is finally going away, so the moment shaddi shopping start, your mom constantly gets emotional and with her the whole family start practicing for vidai. :P (Sorry, Moms!)
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#4 When your Bhai  gets irritated with all the running around being your driver!
And you can always find your 'Bhai' with the same irritated look. Well, after all he has been dragged forcibly to your shaddi shopping. 

#5 Rejections! Rejections! Rejections!
By now you have tried almost 1000+ dresses as someone or the other in your family doesn't find it your 'Type'  It's impossible for your whole family to finalize one piece together. 

#6 Finding your Dream Dress
That moment when you see a dress and you are like 'I want it! I want it! I want it!' It just looks perfect on you and you can't hear a 'No' for this one.

#7 Getting approval from your Mom
And the tears of joy that flows out once your Mom, give it a thumbs up! Time for a happy dance.

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