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#BrideGuide:7 Fashion Styles To Hide Your Tummy At Your Wedding Function


Finally! Something for those brides who aren't comfortable showing off their tummy because of that problematic waist or simply because they don't like exposing. While we all know the basic lehenga comes with some skin show, still there are styles which can hide your tummy well. So, here we are telling you 8 ways you can still look super gorgeous at your wedding without exposing a lot. 

#1 Lehenga with Long Cape
Brides who doesn't want to show off much skin because of any reason, here is one classy option pair your lehenga with a long cape choli. It's a stylish way to hide those tummy areas. 

#2 Lehenga with long kurta
Another simple yet classy way you can team up your lehenga is with a long kurta instead of a short choli. You can opt for the front open style in your kurta to add more style to it.

#3 Dupatta drape
If you want to go for the basic old lehenga style with choli but still want to hide the tummy, then take help of your dupatta, alter it in a way that it hides your tummy show by covering it. It's a regal way to look stylish.

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#4 Peplum Choli
Peplum choli is another great option for those brides who want to avoid showing off their tummy. Also, remember while experimenting with the peplum, you need to keep the styles and cuts in mind, as some style in peplum won't suit you.

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#5 High waist lehengas
Here is another option to hide your tummy and still look stylish with a high waist lehenga skirt, however it will only show a little tummy that looks flattering as the lower rib cage is slimmest.

#6 Corset Blouse
Here is another alternative to your short choli is to get stitched a corset  type blouse with proper fitting, so that it covers your tummy and looks pretty on you too.

#7 Longer choli
Yes, longer choli can make you look really beautiful on your big day, and believe us it will not look odd at all.

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