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BRIDES! Bookmark 10 Destinations For A Beautiful Sunset Holiday Your Honeymoon!


For any newly married couple, Honeymoon is the best phase of their life. You get to know each other in a better way, experiencing new things and your love grows. Watching the sunset has always been a treat to our eyes, whether you are watching it from top of the mountains or on the beach. We bring to you 10 places where you can see the sunset and make your honeymoon more romantic. 

#1. Taj Mahal, India:
Taj Mahal is the best example of love. It's beautifully constructed and you can't miss the sunset. The sky colours itself with bright yellow, pink and orange against the magnificent white structure and it looks so perfect and with your partner it will look more perfect.

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#2. Mui Ne, Vietnam:
Vietnam has beautiful beaches and Mui Ne is one of them. As the sun goes down, colours appear to shatter across the blue, a background to the vibrant kites of surfers is inscribed across the sky.You and your partner will cherish this moment for life. 

#3. The Maldives:
It is a chain of Islands dotting the Indian Ocean and each island is covered with white sand. Here, every hotel offer to see the sunset in a sea and it's just so romantic. 

#4. Mount Haleakala, Hawaii:
It offers a very spectacular view when the sun sets behind the distant mountains. Sunset appears as a gem over the blackened scenery when its rays rush down the sharp slope. OMG so perfect!

#5. Barcelona, Spain:
Spain is known for food, architectures and sculptures. But, you can't miss the sunset here and it makes for a unique and lovely scenery across the vibrant rooftops, and the ocean.

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#6. Bora Bora, Tahiti:
This is the best place one can visit for the sunset. You can get The hills, palm trees and occasional boats silhouetted against the sunset creates a scenery nothing less than beautiful. Aishwarya and Abhishek also chose this destination for their honeymoon.

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#7. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
Ipanema is one of the most famous beach because of its swank stylishness, laid-back panache, and here you will get a beautiful scenery as the sunset down behind the lovely mountains. If you are looking for peace and sunset both then this place is best for you.

#8. Queensland, Australia:
It will offer you a great view sun-bathed beaches. Enjoy this moment with your partner in a romantic way and watch the sun sink into the horizon.

#9. Matterhorn, Switzerland:
As we all inspire for YashRaj movies and know that Switzerland is the most romantic place to go for. The sunset here is beyond beautiful. One of the highest peaks of the Alps, Matternhorn, gives you a scenic view to treasure when the setting sun flashes its rays on the top of this mountain. For sometime you will think that you are in Disneyland. 

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#10. Grundarfjordur, Iceland:
It is a small town positioned in the west of Iceland, is situated between a mountain range and the sea. Here, the sunset offers some grand and stunning scenery.

So, Whenever you choose your Honeymoon destination always keep the sunset in mind because you romantic honeymoon will become more romantic and yes, you fall in love again with your partner!

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