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Dear Dad, Here Are Things I Can't Thank You Enough For! (P.s:You Will Always Be My Hero)


I know, I don't often say it  but 'I love you'. There is this cold thing between us that never let us share more then a 'Hi'. I know how often you tried hard to break the ice between us and be my friend, be like Mom. But Dad, you aren't Mom, you are my Dad! And there is so much I learnt from you. You made me strong and told me how to control my emotions.
As I am about to tie the knot, there are so many things I can't even think how to thank you. So, to start with, here is my list of few things I learnt from you.
P.s: You are, will and always be my HERO!

#1 Thank You for accepting all my demands
I still remember how you used to accept all my silly demands that were all waste. You used to always get me balloons and best toys in the world. I'm really lucky to have you as my father in this life. You gave me the best of everything from barbie doll to the best laptop (though, you don't knew how to operate one).
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#2 Thank You for believing in me!
Yes, there were time when the whole world said I can't do it, but you never lose your trust on me. You always encouraged me to do it. You never gave up on me and you never confined me in the walls. You made me learn things and today whatever I am is all because of your trust and support.

#3 Thank You for teaching me that the world is not a big bad world!
Dad, I still remember how you used to lend money to everyone who ever came to you for help and assured to return it but never did. That time you made me learn one important lesson, the world is not a bad place, it all depends on your character. You told me to always help others no matter how many times they break your trust.
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#4 Thank You for never scolding me!
I always wondered why you never scolded me, even when I bumped your favourite car while driving. I was so scared to tell you but you just smiled and asked me whether I am ok. That day I learnt that things don't hold much importance your loved one does.

#5 Thank You for always being there!
Yes, you were always there whenever I needed you. I still remember when I was 7 years old and cried all night because I was scared of the ghost under my bed, you stayed up all night in my little bed to calm me. You told me there is no such thing.

#6 Thank You for being proud on me
I still remember how proud you were, when I first won my trophy. You were there in the crowd cheering me and clapping the loudest. It was as if you won.
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