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Dear Jiju, Here Is How You Can Keep My Sister Happy Always! (From All The Protective Sisters)


Dear Jiju,
So, finally you are taking away my sister to a whole new world. I don't know I should thank you for it as I won't be able to handle her bossiness or I should hate you because you are taking my love away. I know at times she acts totally crazy and out of control, but she is the world's best sister and it's really easy to make her smile (just buy her a cake on those days). So, being your sister-in-law here is my advice to keep my sister happiest all her life. Believe me, it doesn't take much.

P.s: You better follow these tips and keep her smiling or else...! 

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#1 Stay Loyal no matter what!
Just be honest, and stay loyal to her even when she asks you whether the dress is looking good on her or not. She will really appreciate it. (But remember never ever call her fat, even when she is 8th months pregnant.).
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#2 Pampering is all she needs!
We have loved and spoil her a lot, do the same. She loves pampering even when she says she don't need it - pamper her. Get breakfast in the bed for her, do the little things like cook with her or do the dishes, she will surely love it. 

#3 Unexpected Surprises!
Get ready for receiving surprises every day for the rest of your life, she loves doing it. So, put in some effort to do the same for her, plan an unexpected date night or late night movie date at home. And enjoy the stun face she makes.

#4 Hold her hand, wherever you go!
She is a mature, independent lady, but she will always love it when you will hold her hand wherever you go in midst of shopping dates. It will make your days more happy.

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#5 Compliment her all day!
Remember she will not say it but she will love it. So, whenever you can, wherever you can just compliment her. She love it when you notice the little details and appreciate it.

#6 Show the same love to her family and friends!
This is really important, show her family and friends the same love she does to your. She won't say it but she will definitely notice it.

#7 Stick with her!
Respect her, love her and support her, ALWAYS! She needs only your support and she will fight all the demons in her life.

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