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#DulhanDiary: Updated Beauty, Fitness And Pre-Bridal Skincare With House of Wellness


I am really, really wanting to have a glowing skin not just for my big day but also otherwise. While fashion blogging looks a lot glam, there is so much hard work that goes behind it. Most of the times it includes shooting under the bright sun light and hence I feel that my skin hasn’t been at its best. But my favorite time of the year has arrived and it’s includes a strict pre-bridal beauty regime with oodles of pampering! I am also including my current fitness schedule that isn’t all about losing 10 kilos to look like a “new” person on the wedding! 

 Being a beauty blogger, I have tried so many salons in Delhi that I have actually lost my count. I however, get interested in places where the staff treats me with endless smiles and don’t unnecessarily suggest 100 odd treatments that my body needs (that’s a complete no-no for me). I know the specialists always try to give you the best advice possible but just because they are working for one brand, they totally would discard another brand that they aren’t endorsing and make you feel like you have been doing your salons wrong all your life. Happens to you as well, right? Anyway, coming back to the point- I have shortlisted a salon to help me not just look pretty but assist me in overall wellness. Mom and I went to the F Salon, India at Rajouri Garden for our hair and skin treatments on mother’s day and since then, this place stayed with us for it’s impeccable services and it’s PEOPLE. The boss lady, Tamanna Singh and I connected perfectly owing to our fauji roots but the highlight was her interest and passion in the field of beauty that gave me the confidence of working with her for my big day. 

The beauty schedule is pretty simple- I am supposed to get 6 services a month that feature 2 hair, 2 skin and 2 body services for overall wellness.  The skin treatments are from the House of Wellness and these aren’t your regular facials or massages but are instead skin treatments to work under the layer of the skin for a smoother surface and overall glow. One treatment that I will recommend to all brides is a PHOTO FACIAL. In order to get rid of sun damage, hyper pigmentation or brown spots, try the ingenious IPL Photofacial at House of Wellness, Rajouri Garden. I chose to undergo this laser rejuvenation treatment that uses light-based technology resulting in boosting collagen. My skin felt a lot soft and supple and there was a observable change in the tan percentage. This was followed by a facial routine and was finished with an application of a pack. For any face treatments, I recommend that you don’t just go in for premade bridal packages but instead sit with the specialists and discuss about the treatments that your skin really does require. For say you made not need a de-tan cleansing but may require a full-fledged de-tan facial that too in 2-3 sittings. Getting a custom package designed for yourself will really give you the best results and the costing should be close to the pre-made packages. Brides, just remember that a pre-bridal isn’t just about buying a package, it really is about getting the most effective treatments done in order to look and feel beautiful.

As for my chemically treated hair, I bank on hair spas that not only improves hair’s texture but also control hairfall and improve overall health of your hair. Before Argan oil became a buzz-worthy treatment, an American hair-care company turned to macadamia nut oil for its miraculous benefits. Macadamia Natural Oil’s forte lies in its patented composition of macadamia nut and argan seed oils, which are rich in important fatty acids. This nut oil contains Omega 7 that happens to be a key ingredient for hair growth. Agran oil on the other hand contains Omega 9, which augments the hair and the scalp’s power to preserve moisture. The blend of these oils closes the scales of the hair cuticle thus protecting the hair from the environment. The hair experts at F Salon have been doing this hair spa that’s made my hair a lot more softer and is making it all healthy! Again discuss your hair woos and opt for a spa that you really need (a generic spa won’t suit every hair type). 

Learn if your scalp is oily and if you need to control sebum production or if it’s too try and you need to combat dandruff before you get it treated! Body scrubbing can be done at home, just make a DIY exfoliator using coffee, granulated sugar and olive oil for best results. Opt for relaxing body treatments at the salon and hot oil massages to hydrate your body until your big day.

As for my fitness, I am sticking to running and doing yoga to bust all the stress. Having realistic fitness goals is making the journey easier. A goal needs to be as specific as possible so you can work toward it and achieve it. "Lose weight" as a goal was too vague for me and I decided to work on my problem areas like the abdomen and the arms and I am still getting there. I have added lots of fruits to my diet and am drinking a lot more water than ever before. I eat a hearty breakfast and toss in some nuts like almonds, walnuts and goji berries. Morning starts with at home yoga asana and evenings is dedicated to 3-5 km run. This is effective, and free of cost. Running stimulates blood circulations and will give you the much-needed glow on your skin. If you are office going bride to be (which I am guessing most of you are), then get yourself a colourful fitness gear, a sports bra and good pair of shoes first. Whenever you come back from work, rest for a while and then go all out and run! More than losing weight, track your everyday progress and you’ll find your own motivation in no time! 

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