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Easy Tips To Fast Right This Karva Chauth


We are almost half way through ladies, keep strong!

Karva Chauth is one festival that all married woman looks forward to every year. From decking up to puja rituals women enjoy each and every moment of the fast. Of course the fasting bit is slightly tough and requires strong will power as it requires to fast all day long without even taking a sip of water or eating a bite of food. Fasting all day long can take a toll on the health if not done right. Here are some easy tips for all the ladies fasting today!

Fasting can make you feel lethargic, moody or grumpy due to lack of energy and fluids in the body. fret not just follow these tips that you need to follow after your Sargi in the morning which must include lot of sugary stuff, nuts and milk as they will keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

During the fast

Pregnant women must consult their doctors before keeping the fast so that it should no harm their or the baby's health. If given a go ahead they can eat fruits throughout the day in order to not feel hungry all the time. Even cucumbers provide essential nutrients needed by the body to survive the fast whole day long.

Keep yourself occupied, the key is to keep yourself busy with work, office or friends so that your mind is not free to feel the pangs of hunger that might occur if you keep yourself free. The aim is to not let yourself constantly think about food. even watching movie with friends or a trip to parlour will divert your mind and keep you relaxed. Some women take milk or tea after doing puja in the evening. It all depends on your ancestral traditions and rituals. Remember what method you follow the first time must always be followed forever.

After the fast

Avoid Tea & Coffee: Having tea or coffee on empty stomach immediately after breaking the fast can lead to acid reflux leading to uneasiness. Instead take cold milk, shake or yoghurt which will provide cooling effect to stomach.

Avoid Deep fried food: Eating deep fried food can also lead to increasing of the acidity level in the body making you feel bloated and nauseous. So, opt for healthier options and lighter food options.

Drink lots of water or fluids: After breaking the fast and having food, it is also important to consume at least 2-3 glasses of water to replenish the system and to avoid dehydration. Drinking lemonade or fruit juice is also a good idea.

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